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Our 2 oz Elderberry shot is a superfood-packed powerhouse that can boost your immune system and give you a healthy, energizing kick. The delicious shot contains elderberry, anise, aronia berries, ginger, cinnamon, clove, and local honey. Elderberry is well-known for its immune-boosting properties, while the other ingredients add delicious and unique flavors and health benefits. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or an extra boost in the fight against colds and flu, our Elderberry shot is the perfect choice.


Don't forget, this item also comes in a premade kit for you to make your own batch at your convenience. Drink to your health!


SKU: 721S005
  • This item is not Cold Pressed. It is made over heat and has a longer shelf life of 30 Days. Drink within 24 hours after opening. Please keep refrigerated. Shake Well, but not vigorously. See Bottle for expiration date.

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